Providing solutions for today's issues and strategies for tomorrow's challenges

As educational facilities increase in complexity, capital costs continue to rise and funding becomes more difficult to obtain, the use of professional planning and management services becomes increasingly more important to achieve the most from taxpayers' dollars. Our team offers a pool of resources unmatched in the industry today that includes architects, engineers, facility planners, demographers, construction managers, estimators, and former educators working together to provide extensive savings and increased quality to all of our educational clients.

"Being a "fast-growth" district brings a set of challenges that not many districts are equipped to handle. However, with the assistance of OBR, Manor ISD has been able to create a
long-range plan that meets these challenges head on. OBR has been the key element in the successful passage of 5 bond issues worth over $210 million in the past 15 years."

Russell Wallace
Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Manor Independent School District